First of all, we just want to reassure people that buying a used car in Queensland (or Australia in general) is not as risky as some might believe. The used cars for sale QLD dealers offer are more durable and road-worthy than what a lot of customers might expect. Of course, there will always be a few unscrupulous scammers here and there, but for the most part, you’re going to get a fair deal if you buy from reliable sellers and use your common sense. More information at mitsubishi motors brisbane.

With that said, the customers who are more knowledgeable about cars will be more assured of getting the best deal possible. And because we know that not all car buyers are experts, we’ve prepared a short but very helpful guide to make sure you won’t be buying a lemon:

Look up the VIN number

This is probably the most important thing you should do before buying a used car. All vehicles have a VIN number, and looking up that number will grant you access to a lot of valuable information that should help you make a decision. A proper VIN number lookup will tell you if that used car you’re interested in was stolen, has a record of being flood-damaged, has an accurate odometer history, etc. When looking for used cars for sale QLD has today, dealers will totally understand if you want to check up the VIN.

If you want, you can even order a comprehensive car history report that can provide you with a lot more detailed information about the used car you want than what a VIN number lookup can give you. If you’re hesitant about spending some money into a VIN number lookup or history report, just bear in mind that knowing a lot more about the car you’re interested will be worth it in the long run.

Inspect the vehicle yourself

When looking for a car for sale used, you should always go and check the vehicle yourself before buying anything. Buying a car online might be convenient and easy, but if you really want to protect yourself and your money, remember that the best used car website in the world will not be able to replace a thorough physical inspection. See more at Scenic Motors

For example, you’re browsing the web and you see a ute for sale. Do you click the “BUY” button immediately? Of course not! What you should do is go to the actual location where that ute is and check it out for yourself. Inspect the interior and exterior of the vehicle, go under the hood and check the engine, check that all the parts that make the car run are actually working, and then decide if you’re buying or not. At the very least, you can negotiate the final price based on what you saw during your inspection.

Bring along a mechanic

This is a critical step especially for people who are not that familiar with cars. If you’re going to view cars for sale, we recommend bringing along a mechanic that you trust to help you do the inspection. There are some critical parts of a vehicle that only an experienced mechanic will be familiar with, especially when looking under the hood. He will know what to look for and can tell you about any issues he finds, and whether they are serious or not.

Queensland, Australia has plenty of choices for car buyers, whether they’re looking to buy new or used. If you’re in the market for used cars for sale QLD dealers can offer some of the best vehicles available. Look up Scenic Motors at to get started.