Kia maintenance: Some FAQs you should’ve probably known by now

You’ve been driving this gorgeous Kia Sorento for a year now. Recently, you’ve been wondering: Is it time send it to technicians for a tune-up? And what is the Kia Sorento service schedule Australia requires?

To make an informed decision, check out these FAQs you should’ve probably known at this time.

1. Is it important to follow the scheduled service for your Kia?

Absolutely! Not only will this help you detect hidden problems but will also prevent damaging issues from occurring.

Nevertheless, not all drivers have the same driving habits, load weight, and weather conditions. These factors might affect the health of a Kia vehicle, especially its expected oil life. Some issues might have accumulated in your Kia car, which other drivers don’t experience with their Kia.

Therefore, there will be times when you might schedule a service earlier than the Kia Sorento service schedule Australia centres advise to drivers.

2. How do I know when it’s time for my Kia to go through a maintenance?

On your car’s dashboard, you will see different lights that indicate the need for tune-ups. You can see lights that switch on when you need to change the oil or rotate the tyres.

The most important light on your dashboard, however, is the “service required” light. This is also known as Kia’s Maintenance Reminder system. If you ignore this light and/or delay scheduling a service, you will be running the risk of ruining your car.

3. How does Kia’s Maintenance Reminder system actually work?

Your Kia’s computer system monitors your car’s travelled miles, starting from the date it was reset. If you’ve driven the maximum amount of miles, the system will count down to zero.

Before this happens though, the “service required” light on your dashboard will switch on. By that time, you should have already booked for a service in your nearby Kia service centre.

4. What is the correct Kia service schedule?

All new Kia vehicles have the same service schedule, regardless of the model. For instance, the Kia Sorento service schedule Australia centres recommend is after you’ve driven 15, 000 miles. You can also drive it to a service site if you’ve driven it for 12 months now.

Take note though that your driving condition affects your car’s need for service. For example, if you practise off-road, mountainous driving in humid areas, then your car requires a service earlier than its schedule. This is because your expected oil life is now shorter. Check it out at Toowong Kia

On the other hand, if you just drive around a city with a moderate weather, you can follow the Kia service schedule Australia centres recommend.

5. What are the tune-ups I can expect to get for my Kia Sorento?

Kia’s service menu will vary depending on the type of package the centre offers. Nevertheless, all the packages might include fluid/lubricant replacements, comprehensive inspections, and parts replacements.

Fluid/lubricant replacements

  • Brake Fluid
  • Clutch Fluid
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Engine Coolant

Parts replacements

  • Engine Oil Filter
  • Drain Plug Washer
  • Air Con Filter
  • Engine Air Filter
  • Diesel Fuel Filte
  • Petrol Fuel Filter
  • Spark Plugs

Adjustments or inspections:

  • Power Steering
  • (Condition/Fluid Level)
  • Tyre Condition & Pressure
  • Vehicle Battery
  • Electrolyte Level
  • Cooling System & Hoses
  • Drive Belt

And more…

Final thoughts

If you want to make sure you’re getting the right info such as Kia Stinger service intervals, then go to These guys know best when it comes to maintaining a Kia vehicle’s health.

So, don’t waste any time. Inquire at their website or better yet, book an appointment to save time. They are also offering a Kia finance Australia citizens are searching for.

Here’s what you should know before booking your very first car service

About to book your Peugeot’s first Brisbane CBD car service?

brisbane cbd car service

You don’t want to be the clueless one on the service site. After all, your car is your baby!

It’s just like getting a regular physical check-up for your kid. It wouldn’t hurt for you to read up about their symptoms before you book a doctor’s appointment, right?

Therefore, you should do the same before you book a service appointment.

For example, did you know about these bits?

1. It would help if you read your car’s manual.

Before you book a Peugeot car service Albion has today, you should review your car’s manual. Look for the service intervals and follow its suggestions. This is important because, for instance, what if your service light has malfunctioned? Click here Brisbane City Peugeot

You might be assuming that the service should happen a few months from now because it’s not switching on yet. You might not know it, but you’re now 2 weeks away from your scheduled service—you just didn’t budge because the service light hasn’t turned on. So, check your manual occasionally!

2. It’s always better to get a service from an authorised dealership.

Where did you buy your Peugeot? Was it from a manufacturer-approved dealership or a car yard? Regardless, you should always book an authorised Brisbane CBD car service centre.

The technicians in these centres were trained to solve brand-specific issues, They deal with different Peugeot models every day. Therefore, you wouldn’t worry about your car getting a mediocre service. It will be in good, knowledgeable hands!

3. Ask the right questions & give the right answers.

When booking a car service Brisbane sites are oferring, you should ask if they offer a complimentary bus service or replacement vehicle. Also, enquire about the price quotes and service plans; after that, compare it with the ones suggested by your driver’s manual. Do they match?

And, of course, you should give the right answers as well. Divulge the essential details such as your mileage, your car registration number, and your preferred appointment schedule. This way, they can prepare the needed equipment and even the replacement car for you.

4. Be wary of scams. Take precautionary steps!

As scary as it may seem, scamming busy people like you is easier these days. Therefore, you should take precautionary measures against these sleazy car thieves.

For instance, if someone calls you and offers to pick up your car, don’t fall for it right away. Ensure to call the Brisbane CBD car service centre first or message their social media channels. Confirm if the caller actually works for them.

5. Before leaving your car on the site, review the service elements first.

Ever you wish you could ask about the tests and examination tools that doctors use on you? Well, you could do this on your first car service. At the service site, make sure to go over the service plan again before leaving.

If you have the time, you should ask about each of the tune-ups included. You can even ask about the tools they will use. Just make sure all the elements fall within the price quote you agreed. You don’t want to be blindsided by additional, hidden costs, right?

Where is the nearest Peugeot service centre in Brisbane?

You don’t need to search and far wide when there’s a reliable service centre near you. Just book an appointment at Brisbane City Peugeot today. They can give you a replacement car and more.

Visit for further details!

Why buy a Citroen new Berlingo

Citroen’s Berlingo has been around from 2008 and has had improvements which include a minor facelift and more advanced diesel engine in 2015. Alex Robbins states that cars like the Citroen berlingo multi space are getting very popular over the continent as cheap, useful family wagons. In an attempt to lift the standards of the Citroen new Berlingo to those of its competitors, various equipment have been improved mostly involving the enterprise trim.

Below is more about the Citroen new Berlingo.


The Citroen new Berlingo is offered in two variants; L1 and L2. These two vans have different body lengths but their wheelbase is the same, meaning the L1 has the highest potential payload and not the L2, which is longer as its length is due to an extra wheel behind the rear axle body section. This Citroen offers, among other types, a diesel power which is the latest Euro6 1.6-liter BlueHDi common rail injection engine, which is quieter and more economical. There is also the choice of using a 96bhp 1.6-liter VTi petrol engine or the electric version though only provided in the L1 model. You will find all new Berlingo models are reasonably equipped with good navigation and tracking system, touch screen, audio control, reversing camera, air conditioner and reversing sensors. In addition, the interior of the Citroen specials are excellently designed to have a range of bulkhead options and seat configurations making them very versatile.

Mpg and running costs

The Citroen new Berlingo is known to be an efficient van. This is due to its economical diesel engine whose range exceeds the 50mpg mark. But, the petrol version of the car offers a mileage of around 43.5mpg. Also, there is the electrical version whose range is 106miles from a 12-hour charge whereby a domestic power socket can be used. This model gets charged quickly. Not only that, the model has the ability to take a battery from zero to eighty percent capacity in thirty five minutes. The service intervals of their conventional diesel models are at 12,500 miles and 24 months. Click here for Brisbane City Citroen

Practicality and loading space

The Citroen Berlingo has a bulkhead model designed with a fitted ladder type arrangement just behind the passenger seat, which gives the advantage of the Extenso folding seat mechanism. Also, available are two options namely the full height steel bulkhead option, and a half height steel bulkhead version, which have removable panels and an upper section made of steel mesh. These removable panels and folding seats increase the length of the load bay. The L2 model has fabricated sections that extend the overhangs at the rear freeing up space, giving it an ungainly appearance but making it the best option for carrying long loads. The L2 version is also best for carrying more than three people and all the models can manage up to 896-kg pay load comparable to other versions like new c4 cactus Brisbane car dealers sell. An electronic stability control, hill start assist, ABS and drivers airbag are fitted in this model offering safety and reliability.

So, if you are looking for a new Citroen C4 visit

Is it still possible to repair a damaged windscreen?

It only takes one loose stone or a minor impact to damage your windscreen. Now, the number one question in your mind is: Can it still be repaired or does the whole windscreen need to be replaced? Well, the answer to that depends on the size, severity, and location of the damage. If the damage is not that bad, a windscreen repair Carlisle expert should be able to save it.

Can your windscreen still be repaired?

A windscreen repair is cheaper and faster than a replacement; that’s for sure. However, not all types of windscreen damage can be repaired. If the damage is not too serious, it can be easily repaired without any compromise to the safety and strength of the windscreen. A more severe damage, on the other hand, will need a full replacement. Here are the criteria that must be met for a windscreen to be safely fixed.

  • Size. The ability to fix large windscreen cracks or chips often changes depending on the technology being used, the location of the damage, and the repair company’s capabilities. However, as a rule of thumb, cracks up to three inches long and chips with a diameter that is smaller than one inch or 25 mm can be easily repaired.
  • Location. The location of the damage has a big impact on whether if it can still be fixed or not. Any damage located farther than 7 cm from the edge of the windscreen can still be safely repaired. However, if the damage is located near the edge of the glass, then there is a big chance that the structural integrity of the windscreen is already compromised. Furthermore, the best windscreen replacement Birmingham experts do not recommend a repair if the damage is within the driver’s line of sight, since any repair will cause some distortion to the glass.
  • Depth. Windscreen repair Carlisle professionals will also take into consideration the extent of the damage. The windscreen consists of an outer layer of glass, a plastic interlayer, and the inside layer that is also made of glass. A repair is no longer advisable if the damage went through the outer and inner layer of the glass.

When to replace your windscreen?

It’s always best to have your windscreen inspected by windscreen repair Carlisle experts. However, in general, you should replace your windscreen if:

  • The glass is tempered and not laminated
  • The chip or crack penetrated halfway through the glass
  • The chip or crack extends to the outside of the vehicle glass
  • The crack is longer than 14 inches or 350 mm

Final thoughts

A Birmingham windscreen repairs expert will be able to help you identify if your windscreen is still salvageable or if it needs to be replaced already. It would be in your best interest to listen to the experts. So, don’t even try to save your windscreen if the professionals have already deemed it unrepairable. Visit to learn more.

For the best windscreen repairs Birmingham has to offer, you need to check a repair shop’s capabilities and efficiency. Allscreens Nationwide LTD provides fast and efficient repair and replacement services for all types of vehicle glass.

Making Money with Uber: Why It’s a Valid Side Income Source

In this day and age, thanks to the modern technology, it is now possible to generate an extra source of income. Your income opportunities are only limited by your imagination and ability to seize these opportunities. One particular income opportunity that is catching a lot of attention these days is Uber. You do not need to drive your own car in order to make money – there are several uber rentals that you can take advantage of.

To start generating Uber earnings, there are a few things you need to know. And yes, it is a valid source of income if you know how to put in the time and effort.

How Does Uber Work?

Uber is an internet-based company that develops apps on mobile phones. This app connects drivers and riders, which is a service similar to hailing a taxi cab. The only difference with Uber is that private vehicle owners can register for Uber and service passengers using their own vehicle.

There are several ways in which you can earn income with Uber. But first, you need to register as an Uber driver. This is an important step before you can drive for Uber and get paid for your driving services. There are a few requirements in order to become a qualified Uber driver. First, you have to be at least 18 years of age. A valid driver’s license is also required before you can register for Uber.

These are simple steps that you can do to get started with earning via Uber. The next thing you have to think about is to register your vehicle. If you have your own vehicle, you can turn it into a money-making machine. Once you are registered and approved for Uber, you are ready to take driving orders and earn cash for every trip you have serviced. If you don’t have your own vehicle, Uber rentals are available so you can make money by driving. Check out at Keyz

Flexibility and Convenience

The flexibility and convenience of earning through Uber is one of the reasons why this service has been a success. It not only provides convenience to riders but also to the drivers. Unlike taxi drivers who must log in time to render service to the taxi operator, with Uber, your time is as flexible as you desire it to be.

For example, you have a full-time job and you want to drive for Uber on your days off (or even after your shift). It is completely up to you since you determine your own work schedule. The same also goes for drivers who are going to rent Uber cars. The ability to use Uber rentals services is also another benefit and source of flexibility offered by the company. As long as the car is registered, you can start driving and earning. Hence, it is still a valid source of income for those who know how to drive but do not own a vehicle.

In this era of smartphone users, a lot of consumers are realizing the benefits of ridesharing services by Uber. It is a cheap and convenient method of transportation. Hence, it is also a good opportunity to drivers to cash in on a rapidly growing industry.

Knowledge car service: Important information to know when it is your very first time

Have you ever tried using your car to a brisbane auto service center? Or even, you then should remember that it can be daunting. Car mechanics and specialists could use plenty of jargons that you might not realize, causing you confused.

None the less, there are issues that you certainly can do in your part to obtain a concept of what is going to occur whenever you get your vehicle set for a service. Essentially, you need to be well-informed.

Just what a technician essentially does in a site

Basically, an automobile service requires a mechanic performing a complete check always of all functioning components of your car. Apart from the components that it is simple to see external and inside your car or truck, the internal processes will also be checked to ensure that they’re working optimally.

Whenever you get yourself a Mitsubishi vehicle support, for instance, you might find the technician examining the motor, if it’s the proper level of gas to run. Also, he would check other crucial areas, like the braking system, air conditioner, etc.

To collect data that you want to know, it is better to speak to the mechanic or technician before starting any work.

Things to test following a company

Being humans, car professionals may still leave anything out even though they did their job. Thus, after the company, you need to check whether your car or truck has received it all. Listed below are the main items that an automobile support needs to have:

Function get
Itemised bill/detailed invoice
Motor gas change
Oil filtration change
Water changes (brake liquid, sign liquid, coolant, etc.)
Air filter always check
Odometer studying test
Tyre check always
Wheel turn and managing (if necessary)
Checks on seatbelts
Mild checks/replacements
Wiper always check

If you are getting your car or truck to a Honda support Brisbane vehicle homeowners use or some other heart in the town, you may find out that most of them present virtually the same services. The thing that you need to assure is the quality of perform they offer.

Amount of time to accomplish a site

The amount of time a Brisbane auto service may total depends upon many factors. For example, could it be an beginning company or a whole support? The former is generally finished in nearly an hour or so, as the latter will take around 3 hours.

Aside from that, along company will even rely on whether or not you will find problems present in your car. When there is an issue, then it would get longer.


The prices for a service can vary in one center to another. Whenever you research “expenses of car service near me” on Google, you may find out this 1 center could be more costly compared to the other for a certain job.

Other facets that influence the purchase price contain age your vehicle, their distance, how many conditions that it’s, and how bad the difficulties are.


Like rates, warranties may also differ in one support centre to another. Before you receive points started, you must first validate with the center what is covered and the length of time the guarantee is effective.

Ultimate thoughts

Like getting somebody to the doctor for a check-up, it is best to be ready when using your car or truck to a service centre. After all, it will actually support when you yourself have a notion of what’s occurring throughout the process.

Now, for a Brisbane vehicle service as you are able to trust, you can have a look at

Safety Concerns When Buying Used Mitsubishi Cars

The upfront benefits of buying used cars include lower initial purchase, insurance cost and property taxes. However, a used car is that – used. You can expect it to perform close to a new car but it’s not new. It also lacks a car warranty so you have to cover all expenses involved with its upkeep and maintenance. But the cost and aggravation that comes with buying problem used cars is just the tip of the iceberg. You need to consider safety of primary importance when buying a used Mitsubishi car sale from a local dealer. You have to take precautionary steps to significantly reduce your risk to exposure.
Consider these five tips when you buy Mitsubishi cars Australia deals that are second-hand:
Tip #1: Check the used car safety report rating.
This will vary from one state to another (or one country to another) but this is a must when buying used cars. The report contains valuable insight concerning the safety of the vehicle and if it is fit for road use. It also details the vehicle’s analysis on existing real-world crash simulation. With safety being the main concern when buying vehicles, you could use the information to make the right decision before you buy Mitsubishi ASX or any other used car model.
Tip #2: Shop for newer used cars.
What this means is to look for used cars that are newer model releases. If you can find ones that have a portion remaining off of their original warranty, then that is even better! The ideal mileage for newer used cars would be 36,000 miles or those that have been owned for at least 3 years by its original owner. This will give you assurance that you have at least a year of driving before maintenance issues arise.
Tip #3: Perform a background check.
What you see on paper when you buy new Mitsubishi Lancer is only half of the story. Do a more intensive background check to make sure that what you are buying is not a problem car. Ask for shop records to ensure that the vehicle is well maintained. Make sure to ask for all service records especially safety-related defects and other similar issues with the vehicle’s condition. It is important that you know about these issues before buying rather than later.
Tip #4: Check if the vehicle passed both safety and emission tests.
This is a legal requirement in most states all over the world especially when buying used Mitsubishi car sale. If the vehicle has failed one or two of these tests, then consider other candidates.
Mitsubishi is one of the world’s top car manufacturers. Hence, it is not surprising that even used Mitsubishi car sale are still in demand. This speaks a lot about the quality of the vehicle models and its make. But if you want to ensure a foolproof and risk-free used car purchase, go to a reliable car dealership company like TooWong Mitsubishi in Australia. They sell new or used cars that are guaranteed to meet your safety and quality standards. Check out their inventory of used cars at the website or find out where to visit their dealership office:

5 things to remember before buying a car

Cars are massive investments. Whether you decide to check out dealerships from Hyundai or Mitsubishi dealers Queensland wide, it is crucial to fully equip yourself with the right knowledge and research when choosing the best car.

Therefore, before you even head out to your nearest dealership, make sure you do these steps to get the best possible deal:

  • Do your research

Always do your homework and make sure to research what type of car will suit you and your daily needs. Would it be a used Hyundai or maybe a brand new Mitsubishi? Know which types and brands will benefit you the most that are still within your budget.

  • Have a flexible budget

Have a budget but make sure it is flexible. Dealerships from Mitsubishi dealers Queensland wide and Brisbane dealers may offer you good deals on both brand new and used cars; however, there will always be other expenses that you might have overlooked during your initial research.

For instance, other expenses that you must be prepared to shell out money for may include car accessories such as remoteless keys and additional exterior details. Even the colour of the car you end up with may affect your budget, so make sure you are fully prepared when you get there. Click here Scenic Motors

  • Do a thorough inspection of the car

Once you have chosen a car, always, always, always do a thorough inspection of the whole vehicle.

Whether you decide to go with that used Hyundai or with something brand new, it is vital to do a thorough sweeping of the interior and exterior of the car—not only to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth but also to ensure your safety on the road.

If you do end up with a used car though, make sure to double check the car’s history as well as its mileage so that you really know what you are driving away with. Always keep in mind that a problematic history and a high mileage count may mean that you will have to spend more on the vehicle in the long run.

  • Always take the car on a test drive

Never make a final purchase without taking your chosen car out for a spin. Dealerships such as Mitsubishi dealers Queensland wide allow you to take their cars for a test to guide you in your purchase, so make sure you take advantage of that.

You can never really know if the car runs smoothly or if it is a perfect fit for you until you tried driving it yourself. Make sure you maximise the test drives you can do before you sign the deal.

  • Don’t forget the car insurance

Always stay safe and ensure your car’s future by including a budget for car insurance once you close the deal to your new ride. It may seem like an excess expense right now but you never know when you will need that until you find yourself in a mishap in the future. Fortunately, some dealerships on Mitsubishi and Hyundai Brisbane wide offer insurance policies you can check out and include in your total bill.

Purchasing a car may seem overwhelming, but following these steps can really save you a lot of time when you get to any Mitsubishi or Hyundai dealers Brisbane has these days. Now that you know what to do, what car would you choose? See more at