Steel roller shutters are manufactured from galvanised steel, which makes them a massive obstacle for anyone considering breaking into your business premises. Further, manufacturers like Integrity Door Services at offer custom-made shutters that are the perfect long-lasting security option for any business. Below are some of the added benefits of installing industrial roller shutters for businesses in Brisbane.


Numerous business owners have realized that installing steel roller shutters helps them save plenty of cash. While providing security, the steel curtains also make opening and closing of entryways easy, so traffic flows unimpeded.

Fast operation speeds mean helps prevent large amounts of cold or hot air from escaping; therefore, minimising energy requirements and reducing your running costs. Some roller sheet door installations also come complete with electronic and safety features.

Detailed Insulation

Insulation is critical, especially if you are in the food industry and you are required to maintain a chilled indoor environment so your products stay fresh. In addition to fast operation times, steel shutter doors are also great for maintaining a constant temperature in your warehouse. Also, the doors can open only a short distance, which means less air escapes when you must open the door.

The Aesthetics

Some industrial doors in the business world tend to be bulky and heavy, but steel roller shutter doors feature an efficient design that makes them sleek. Custom roller doors made by Integrity Door Services have interlocking laths to create a curtain of solid steel. Check out the website to see what I’m talking about.

Depending on the size and location of your entryway, roller shutters are available in various lath thickness, which also allows for electric operation if required.

The best roller shutters manufacturers also offer their clients the option of Colourbond colour coating, meaning you can choose from different colours that match your current building or even your business logo. The colour literally bonds to steel, which means that repainting is not required as regularly as other metal door materials. Colourbond brings you several advantages, including:

  • Resistance to chipping, cracking, and peeling
  • Protects your steel roller shutters against the harsh Australian weather
  • Works to insulate your premise in summer and winter
  • Colourbond steel is 100 percent recyclable

Fire resistance

Due to their hot-dipped galvanised construction and Colourbond steel coating, roller-shutter doors are incredibly durable and highly fire-resistant. This quality makes the doors one of the safest solutions for use in environments such as commercial kitchens or areas where fire barriers are critical. High shutter speed also means that these steel doors can quickly and safely seal off a fire. Further, after closing the doors, the blaze can be contained until professionals arrive to minimize damage to other areas.

Swift operation

As mentioned earlier, roller shutter doors are designed for quick operation, making them the ideal solution for fast-paced business environments. You have the option of powering your industrial shutter roller doors using a single or three-phase electric motor. It is also possible to install wall-mounted starters and emergency cut-out chains.

Security industrial roller shutters in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, and Sunshine Coast

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