Fashion Bloggers Dress to Impress The Mirror or The Emperor

The lavish life of bloggers often intrigued the minds of many people. Aside from the common notion that blogging is freedom of expressing how you feel, how was your day, and what is your stand on a certain issue, bloggers are also influencing the way you do your make-up or where you should get lovely clothing boutiques from. They are called fashion bloggers who are social media influencers that promote their favorite beauty essentials and some other products with paid endorsement or sometimes for free! With this, they have engaged in influential marketing the spiked the profits of the fashion industry.

The Psychology Behind Being Fashionable

Why do people dress up? Is it for impressing someone or beautifying the self? People could care less about what other people think about wearing old dresses compared to designer boutique dresses but then again, why do people have a need to express themselves through clothing? In the theory of Abraham Maslow, a world-renowned psychologist, said that people are motivated to fulfill the basic needs: food, shelter, love, and care. Once they have fulfilled this, they will be also driven by aesthetic needs — the need of beauty, art, simplicity and order. Fashion is all these things. You could say that people need fashion to experience a sort of human contentment.

Australian Bloggers Who Are Killing It!

You have probably seen many fashion bloggers and celebrities’ posts and they are wearing beautiful boutique dresses with hand-me-down jewellery, comfy flats and a designer bag. You can look them up on Instagram and find many bloggers with different nationalities are slaying it. In Australia, high profile bloggers prefer a simple piece or a sophisticated one. For dresses, they are lovers of boutique dresses Australia has to offer. For tops, they are regulars of some local and international brands in Australia. They can sport a plain top with a denim skirt, a satin terno or a polka dot dress — just about anything. Visit StyleFast to learn more.

Here are some of Australia’s Famous fashion Bloggers in no particular order:

1. Bec and Marissa Karagiorgos

2. Sarah Crampton

3. Nadia Fairfax

4. Zanita Whittington

5. Jessica Stein

Just a short list but everyone’s style is different, but no matter what, an outfit that glows is an outfit that kills.

Dress to Impress The Mirror or The Emperor

Australians are surrounded by different fashion brands in different states. But fashion should not be limited to where you live — some places are not near fashion centres. For dresses, you can shop for boutique dresses Brisbane has in store for you online. A fashion website like Style Fast offers delivery within Australia. You can choose from maxi, midi, and mini dresses.

brisbane dress boutiques are several in number, you can also check out their physical stores to try on the dresses before purchasing. From ranges of designs like plain, casual, floral and other dress styles, you can pick out what you want.

If you want to impress the mirror or the emperor, check out this link: